Renewable energy products catalogue featuring solar power and wind power

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Solar Modules
Solar Mounting Hardware
Wind Turbines
Voltage Regulators
Battery Chargers
Battery Enclosures
Balance of System
Packaged Systems
Water Pumpiing
Heating & Ventilation
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Matrix Energy's 2013 Renewable Power products catalogue.

We offer a wide variety of solar modules, solar panels, solar charge controllers, wind turbines, inverters, grid tie inverters, balance of system components for grid-tie and off-grid solar applications, batteries, battery chargers, battery and control enclosures, RV & Cottage kits, lighting, water pumping, cable, wiring, solar air heating and ventilation systems as well and engineering and value added services. Click on any of the links above to find more information on our solar and wind energy components.

We have warehouses in Montreal and Mississauga, Ontario.
We ship to virtually any address in the world.